This Goddess was inspired by the classic sculptures but brought to modern day!  She can be used as a pendant or on her stand to adorn your home.  Each Goddess is unique as they are sculpted in the flame, freehand.  Message me if you want to include one in your purchase.

Made in the flame in my studio on the Kent coast of the UK, this series represents the emergence of the power of women - my inspiration comes from the women in my life - my daughter is transitioning from a child to womanhood, friends are emerging into better times from upset and I feel I am emerging from a place of imaginative restraint to one of freedom!

She was made using creamy Ivory toned glass, with gorgeous pale blue semi-opaque glass, representing water swirling round her thighs.

Goddess beads were discovered thousands of years ago and were thought to represent life and fertility.   The worship of Goddesses was also thought to have been the precursors to modern religion.


Glass Goddess Sculpture

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